New Kindle Prices!
Both RACE AMAZON and BAKER'S DOZEN...the first batch are now available to download for only £1.99 (UK) or $3.16 (US)...get your copy NOW! 


New, more affordable paperback editions of RACE AMAZON and BAKER'S DOZEN...the first batch are now available!

I am a huge fan of Kindle, and e-books generally, but I understand that sometimes the feel of a 'real' book in your hands is hard to beat. If you fancy reading these books but have been prevented so far because you prefer to read ink on paper, I hope you will buy a copy...once you have read the FREE samples, of course! 

Writing update

In my bio, you will have read about the novels I wrote on my journey to RACE AMAZON.  These books came to nothing, or never really got started, other than to teach me how to be a better writer as time went on, which was a vital experience.  I have now decided to write one of them into the book that it always needed to be!

So....coming soon....Underworld


As someone who studied screenwriting for a degree, these skills were shelved decades ago.  I had a stab at some scriptwriting in my early twenties and there were some positive rumblings but nothing that convinced me to carry on.  I have always seen myself as a novelist, and was happy for this to be my writing focus.

As part of my recent review of my body of work, and with the exciting new developments for screenwriters that seem to be emerging at the moment, I have decided to take
RACE AMAZON and transcribe it for the big screen.  I am very happy with the book and I feel that it could make a great film script, if I get it right!