RACE AMAZON: Maelstrom

I have lived and breathed adventure stories since I was a child, from the exploits of wandering rabbits in Watership Down, through the Narnia books and Biggles, I have always been captivated by the wonderful worlds that great writers conjure.


As I grew up, I developed a taste for several authors but hit the jackpot the day I stumbled, quite by accident, on my first Dirk Pitt adventure. Nobody recommended Clive Cussler to me - I just spotted a good looking paperback cover one day whilst browsing in my local bookshop. Then to find that there were numerous other stories....and that Clive was still alive and writing more...wonderful! Added to the likes of Hammond Innes and Jack Higgins, I realised just how good adult fiction could be.


My first serious writing attempt came in my late teens, and took 2 years...fantasy adventure I called 'Champion Heart'...looking back now it had some really nice touches but generally wasn't good enough to tempt a publisher (in the days long before Amazon and ebooks). I learned a lot about the process of writing, which meant it wasn't a complete failure, and I am just in the process of rewriting it for release as a new duology at the end of 2015!


By then I'd left school, gone to work in London for a large bank, got very, very bored and quit to go to university, where I studied scriptwriting for stage and screen. Novels on hold and a few years of producing movie scripts, television serial ideas and samples....again bounced back by countless agents and coming to nothing, although I remember getting a few stages through a selection process with a movie script and having a telephone conversation with someone from one of the large US film studios, who was kind enough to spot my potential and bother to arrange a call that basically said,'not there yet...but keep going.' In hindsight, it was a wonderful gesture although at the time I remember thinking that it was just another brush off.  Love, marriage, work, kids and my next novel attempt never really got anywhere. The idea was good but it was a very busy time in my life and I don't really think I put enough effort in to make it work. It ran out of steam quickly and I shelved it, perhaps because I never really believed in it enough?


Another ten years passed, with a large chunk of this time being spent providing for a growing family and moving through several jobs, including a spell as a corporate video writer/director. By this time I had pretty much given up on the dream of becoming a published author....I could have papered a wall with the number of standard rejection letters I had received from literary agents by then, and for many of these years I gave no thought to writing anything else. I worked for the probation service, dealing with all types of offender before moving on to working with the victims of serious crime, or their relatives in cases of murder or manslaughter. I learned some valuable lessons about human frailty, and courage. Working with young offenders, and victims, led me eventually into teaching. I came to understand that catching children young enough to change behaviour was the key to keeping a lot of youngsters out of prison. I was always busy, at work or at home with my kids, but the writer inside me would just not lay down and give up the ghost.  The truth is simple....I am a writer....anything else just pays the bills!


Anyway, to cut a long story short (incase you are growing very bored of reading this by now) in this 10 year period I wrote my first decent, complete adventure/thriller novel called RACE AMAZON and I am currently in the process of completing two further books; SKELETON GOLD: Scorpion and UNDERWORLD: Chimera. I enjoy writing, as well as need it; it is a compulsion and I am grateful for anybody who gives their time and money to read my work. 

As for me personally, I love riding horses and motorcycles, can strum a guitar not too badly, sing fairly in key, enjoy being near water (but not particularly in it, which is apparently odd for a Pisces!), have kept German Shepherd dogs for years and I am a huge fan of a decently chilled Pinot Grigio to accompany fresh prawns and crab on a hot summer day....especially happy if it can be sampled while aboard a boat!  I have been a huge fan of Elvis Presley since first hearing his records played when I was about 10 years old but I love a wide range of music; from Garth Brooks, Duran Duran and UB40, through to the guitar genius of Eric Clapton, BB King and Hank Marvin, right up to the superb talents of Kelly Clarkson, Adele and Meghan Trainor.

Anyway, enough about me.  I would love to hear your feedback on the writing so please join me on Twitter if you want to let me know your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to visit the website and for your support by reading these ramblings! Best wishes.


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