RACE AMAZON: Maelstrom

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                       SKELETON GOLD: Scorpion (James Pace 3)
           SKELETON GOLD: Dark Tide (James Pace 4)                                                            

Recently returned from the Amazon, James Pace is looking forward to a rest when a century-old mystery turns his life upside down again. When an old seaman's diary, clutched in the skeletal fingers of a dessicated corpse, is discovered in the Namibian desert, the McEntire Corporation becomes immediately involved. A long-forgotten WW1 submarine, code name K-45, lost without trace in 1916 is suddenly thrust back into the limelight. On a covert mission for the British Admiralty, carrying tons of illicit gold bullion to fund the Top Secret 'Scorpion' project, the British Government is suddenly desperate to find it.

Pace and his team must track down the submarine, retrieve the gold and, more importantly, recover all traces of Scorpion...and Dark Tide, whatever they are. But they are not the only players in this deadly game, as Pace will soon discover.  Murder, treasure, treason and a lethal new enemy await him as he tries to discover why Scorpion is so important, 100 years after it was lost!

Someone is determined to open Pandora's Box and Pace must keep the lid firmly closed!



RACE AMAZON: False Dawn (James Pace 1)            RACE AMAZON: Maelstrom (James Pace 2)


James Pace, ex-RAF helicopter pilot and amateur cameraman, is still wondering what to do with his life when a child's bullet nearly kills him. Dragged unwillingly into the limelight, he is quickly recruited as a video diarist for a charity race, set deep within the remote Amazon basin.

Drawn into a deadly political game, he soon finds himself cut off from help and fighting to survive against terrifying odds. Forced to take the battle to his enemy, he must risk everything to find a way out of the jungle alive and discover a terrifying truth.

Contract killing, kidnap, ruthless ambition, and a roller coaster adventure that he never signed up for!


5 stars Impeccable. Non-stop suspense & exciting page-turner!
A seriously exciting read with a riveting storyline. Action, murder, assassinations, double-crosses, suspense and more. An exceptionally well written and cleverly plotted book which culminates in a roller coaster of a resolution. A real page-turner by an extremely talented and creative author.......

5 stars  A must read!
A MUST read , but be warned once you pick it up you will not be able to put it down . There are so many twists and turns to the plot you just cannot predict the ending.......


Now a new Science Fiction series has landed!

UNDERWORLD: Chimera (Ian Flyn 1)

For centuries the Bermuda Triangle has cast a sinister shadow over the ocean, with thousands of people vanishing from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again. Ships, planes and even submarines have been lost without trace, creating a mythology of alien intervention, ancient power sources and government conspiracies. Officially, the US Coastguard does not believe in the Triangle but secretly, world governments have finally decided to fight back. But how do you fight something that nobody has ever seen, or survived?

Dragged into the Triangle's terrifying clutches, marine biologist Ian Flynn is about to become part of the solution! Together with a group of desperate survivors, and suicidal Special Forces soldiers, he must find the source of the Triangle's power, unravel the truth behind the disappearances and hope to open a doorway back home. But the reality is shocking and their mission is highly likely to end up being a one-way trip!

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